Writing plans and goals in 2010.

“Keep writing for this blog.”


Combat front cover The Monster Story Conference front cover

“Finish editing and release (and decide on final titles for) on my two works-in-progress novels: Combat Story and Monster Story. Completion dates: January and March.”

Win. The final titles actually stay very much the same, “Combat” and “The Monster Story Conference” respectively. However, the Monster Story is still not in the final version, not matter that I released what I had online. But who knows, maybe the final version will be a screenplay or comic book!

“Have another run at Human Danger (working title), the novel I began but didn’t complete in 2009. I have a feeling this will be a longer term project than just this year though.”

Fail. Although I noted at the beginning of the year but it will probably not get done in 2010 alone.

“Research, outline, and write another novel I’m giving the working title “Arc of Life.” It’ll be a fantasy novel set in a world of strange creatures and magic.”

Half and half. This is still in the works, even though I completed all the research and outlining. I wrote just over a quarter of the novel itself, although I actually believe that because so much of it was about world building and outlining the plot and characters, I’m more than half done with the entire project in terms of writing. I never intended to have it completed by the end of the year, completely edited and released, but I thought I would be a bit further along than I am now.

“Start work on the final novel in the Minding Tomorrow world.”

Win. This is almost finished, at least as a first draft.

“Do an audio recording of one of my novels. ”

Fail. I never even thought about this after writing the goal in the original list!

Total for this section: 3.5 win points, 2.5 fail points. I’m very happy with this though, because Win points, when it comes to writing novels, mean a lot. And the fail points apply to a novel I didn’t think I would write, and an audio book recording projects which I never intended to do anyway.

Oh yeah, and 0.5 “in the works” points.

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