Podcasting plans and goals for 2010.

“Keep reading science fiction novels and reviewing them for the Science Fiction Book Review Podcast. I also plan to review any fantasy novels I read.”

Win. 40 podcast episodes recorded and released in 2010. Each one of these represents a book read, as well as hours spend thinking about the book, time spent making notes, 30 minutes to an hour of recording, and probably an hour on top of that on the work per podcast.

It’s funny that this has, in many ways, be my biggest project this year in terms of visible output to the general public, and yet it is only worth one win point. Such is my life.

The good thing is that listener numbers keep going up! I must be doing something right.

“Be a guest on other podcasts.”

Win. I was a guest on the SFFaudio podcast a few times, as well as on the Geeknights podcast. Maybe some other podcasts too, although they don’t spring to mind at the moment.

“Doing some more Juggling Podcasts. I really miss the interviews I did with other jugglers.”

At this point I can say win, even though in the juggling section I said this was in the works. It’s a matter of semantics. There I said release, and here I say doing. I have done the podcasts, as in conducted and edited the interviews, however they are yet to be released. Easy point, even if this one was quite redundant. I’d not that I noticed when I made the list.

“I’m thinking of starting a new podcast about traveling.”

Win. I did this for a while at the beginning of the year. It turned out to be too much work. I visit so many places, and see so many different things, and the idea was that I would release one episodes per country I visited, or port stop I made on the cruise. This turned out to be unworkable, as the schedule would mean five podcasts per week in some cases. In the end I decided to stick to just making blog posts with my photographs from each stop in my travels.

This could be called a fail, however it was always going to be an experiment, and was more of a way to combine hobbies, those being traveling and photography and podcasting. That I tried it is enough, even if I didn’t keep it up. I learnt a lot along the way.

“If I’m going to do this, I’m going to buy a portable mp3 recorder with a mic attachment, so I can record easily while hiking across a city or up a hill.”

“Thinking about that last point, what I should actually do is see if my iPhone would work just as well, as then I need to carry one less gadget.”

These two are just stupid, they have very little to do with plans and goals for the year. I was just thinking with my fingers when typing, and somehow they made onto the list. But I did look into these things, and by a microphone for my laptop which also works with my camera, and I did use my iPhone as a voice recorder a few times too.

Final results for this section: six win points out of six! Nice!

And, as I said, I have a whole new podcast project which I’ll be talking about in the future.

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