5 club backcrosses – the counting catches skit

Here’s a variation of a “counting catches” skit I’ve performed for jugglers since about 2004, this time at Portland Juggling Convention in 2011.

Maybe I’ll dig out the original version, where I juggle 8 balls for “16 catches”. I really like the idea of this routine, as half the audience don’t work out that I start counting throws and end by counting catches. The other half do realize what I’ve done, and despite the difficulty of the trick, they boo. It’s great! In the 8 ball version, the payoff would be the real 16 catches (and sometimes 10 catches of 10 balls). In the 5 club backcrosses version, if I’m feeling good I’ll try the real 10 catches.

On the night of the above renegade show, I got blindingly drunk on stage due to everyone who came on stage having to drink a swig of whiskey, and I drank at the same rate as every act combined. This 5 club routine was at the start of the show, but until I just found this video online (10 months later) I’d forgotten if I actually tried the real 10 catches. I’m glad to see that I managed it!

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