Luke’s Juggling Tutorials #001 – Making Colour Changing Rings

I’ve wanted to do something like this for a long time; five to ten minute video tutorials on various subjects, sharing things that would have been impossible on the audio only Juggling Podcast show, in a very informal, one shot, unedited style. This is also a test of the video and audio capture capabilities of my new DSLR, which so far I find just about as acceptable as I thought they would be, considering the technology involved.

I was making a new set of colour changing rings anyway, so filming myself as I did it was no trouble at all. I quite like the results. I forgot to mention: the reason I cut away so much paper at the start, and not leave the center part of paper in until the final cut, is that it is almost impossible to do the rest of the cutting as the paper sticks to the table and stops the ring rotating.

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