Still Hurting Me (a song for August)

So, last month I was chatting to someone about relationships, and they said something like “You only finally deal with all the issues of a relationship once the NEXT serious relationship has ended.” Comparing our lives, it seemed as if that had more than a grain of truth.

Like my song for January, this is an old song that I started but never finished. I started writing it in February of 2004. Yeah, and I’ve now “finished” it six and a half years later! There was a break of about 5 years when I didn’t play it at all though.

The reason I went so long without playing or working on this song is that it was just too painful. I was too close to a very bad breakup, and even a year later it WAS still hurting me. Now it just sounds like a typical breakup pop song, even to me, as 2004 Luke and 2010 Luke are two totally different people.