Juggling plans and goals in 2010

I had 13 plans and goals in this section, which makes it the largest section of all. That’s to be expected, considering I am a professional juggler, and juggling is one of my main hobbies.

” Keep improving my solo shows and performing skills.”

Win. I’m getting better at performing all the time.

” Work on my Room show project, a juggling theater show. I plan to have all the set building work complete by March, and 20 to 30 minutes complete by May.”

Partial win. I have worked a lot on my room project, but this constitutes many fails in this list. I never managed to get as far as I wanted to, mainly because it’s too difficult to work on such a big project by myself. As soon as I invited somebody over to help with the project, I worked quickly and easily, but the entire thing was too much work for one person.


” Perform a short version of the Room Show at the Berlin Juggling Convention in June.”

” Have an hour show finished by October, and put on a series of shows in my own home for invited audiences.”

Two fails. However, I give myself a partial win for the first one about my room show because I did without a cool video in August, and did write a lot of material, even if the video was the only thing I managed to present to anyone.

” Finish other juggling routines I’m working on at the moment.”

Win. Then again, I’m constantly working on new material, so I probably have more unfinished juggling routines now than I did at the beginning of the year.

” Run the British Young Juggler of the Year show for the sixth year. Also do a series of online workshops for those taking part, in attempt to raise the quality of the acts. Nobody has won a Gold Award yet!”

I marked this down as a fail, because I didn’t run the British young juggler of the year. I didn’t go to the British juggling convention at all. There are many reasons, really after running BYJOTY for five years in a row, I don’t think I need to prove anything to anyone and continue when my inspiration is running low.

I have written quite a few workshops about juggling and performing for my blog though, so maybe I should give myself half a point here.

” I’m in charge of the Open Stages at the EJC in Finland. That means seven or eight nights of zero stress and easy work as my superior organization skills result in everything running smoothly, and every night’s show rocking. Or so I hope.”

A win. There was a little bit of stress, but nothing serious. I ran five nights of entertainment, plus I organised the fight night, and hosted the opening show. On top of that I took dozens of photos every day, and uploaded them to Facebook in my blog. I probably did a bit too much but the European juggling convention, to be honest.

“Generally rock out playing combat.”

Win. Combat is one of my favourite things about juggling, and I think I’m getting better all the time. However…

“Beat Jochen in the final of a Fight Night 3 Club Combat tournament. I’ve won a tournament we both entered before, but I wasn’t the one to knock him out. ”

Fail. Jochen beat me in the final in Berlin, or maybe it was Flo, but I didn’t win there. And then at the European juggling convention, I messed around too much, and Alex beat me in the semi-final. Jochen went on to win.

Maybe next year!

“Release some more Juggling Podcasts.”

This is in the works. It’s a secret project at the moment, which I intended to release by the end of 2010, but it’ll be out in the New Year instead. It isn’t specifically about juggling, but I do talk to plenty of jugglers. Stay tuned.

“Release some interesting juggling videos on YouTube (I have a few good ideas).”

Win. I’ll let you judge if my YouTube videos are interesting or not, but I think they are.

” Juggle 9 clubs for 19 passes each with Pola.”

I think this is included more for nostalgia purposes than anything else. It was always one of our plans and goals for the year when we did the juggling podcasts, and generally made plans together for the year, but it’s not very handy when you no longer live in the same country, let alone in the same house.

” Also, depending other work commitments, I might enter Britain’s Got Talent.”

Fail. Although, judging by the reputation of Britain’s got talent, this might be a win.

In this section, I got six win points, one in the works, and six fail points. Not very good, considering I am a professional juggler, and juggling is one of my main hobbies.

Juggling and Traveling in 2010

In my plans and goals of 2010 I laid forth the following:

“Release my International Juggler 2009 video, the one I’ve been working on for the last year, which features me juggling in every country/place I visited. ”


“Shoot, edit, and release International Juggler 2010, a similar video as above, of all the places I visit in 2010. I have some ideas about how to make this different/better than the 2009 video, but I don’t need to think about that too much for the next few weeks.”

Win/in the works.

I do have a project like last year’s, which shows everywhere I travelled this year. But I mix shots from both 2009 and 2010, picking the best shot from each country over two years. However, this video is mostly for me to use in my show, and is not put up online.

What I wanted to do is share my travels as I went along.

In 2009 I shot lots of video in lots of different places, for example on my trip to Spain, I was there for four weeks, but only the best five seconds of footage got into the International Juggler 2009 video.

This year, if something interesting happened in a country, I shared more than just a few seconds. For example:

Antarctica (gale force winds across the deck of the Star Princess):

Papua New Guinea (jumping from rocks, active volcanoes, snorkling):

Australia (wallabies):

India (elephants, etc):

England (White Cliffs of Dover):

Iceland (juggling in the Blue Lagoon with crew members from the Ocean Princess):

Greenland (a great view):

Namibia (juggling, jumping and running on a huge sand dune):

Helsinki, Finland (soundtrack by Sibelius):

New York (with added cute child):

Funchal, Madeira (lost: 1 white beanbag):

” Go to the Berlin, British, and European juggling conventions. And a convention in September/October too. Maybe the Turkish again, maybe another. ”

Partial win. I went to the Berlin, European, Brussels, and Lublin conventions. I didn’t get to the British juggling convention.

Nine plans and goals in the traveling with work and juggling section. 6.75 wins, 1.25 fails, and one project kinda still in the works. If I do release the video of all the places I juggled this year, it won’t be called International Juggler 2010.