Bonus Audio: Atomic Trivia War 9000

I was a guest again on the trivia panel show Atomic Trivia War 9000. You know what? I surprised myself by how good I am at trivia, even successfully challenging Jason about an incorrect question. Until they turned to comics, cartoons and superheroes. Check it out.

Rough Cut 2004

In 2003 and 2004 I was producing a DVD featuring myself juggling in different styles. I never finished the DVD. Here is a rough cut of a 3 club section. It features a whole host of improbable tricks and even more improbable catches!

It was shot over two days, with Ewan Crichton and Nathan Rae on camera. One idea was to make it look more “action sport” than any previous juggling video, with the camera always moving.

Many tricks I did spontaneously for the camera and I’ve never tried them again. Other tricks were more planned, and some I still practice to this day!

Ah… memories.

Here’s a completely different video I made for the same project:

I have some more segments from the DVD project too. Maybe I’ll dig them out of my old PC and share them one day!