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I enjoy listening to lots of podcasts and some of them ask for contributions or guests. Here are a few I’ve done in the past, and I have more guest appearances lined up for the near future. Details coming soon, I’m sure.

I was a guest on the Infidel Guy Radio Show where I talked a lot about my life as a Christian (capital C), and my experiences working for GOD.TV, and how I am no longer a Christian. You can download the hour long episode here: http://www.lukeandpola.com/audio/449%20A%20De-Conversion%20Story%20and%20Inside%20GodTV.mp3

As I was planning my own book review podcast, the Simply Syndicated network launched show called Books You Should Read, the idea being listeners would submit their own audio reviews of books they rate highly. I’d already recorded a few test episodes for the SFBRP, but used Books You Should Read as motivation to get started on more reviews.

I sent in three review overall. My first review was chosen as the launch episode of the podcast, which was pretty cool. Here are some links:

Episode 1 – Enders Game by Orson Scott Card
Episode 7 – Word Freak by Stefan Fatsis
Episode 11 – Genesis, the first book in the Bible

Yup, I reviewed the first book in the Bible. I think ambitious projects are important. I was going to follow it up with a review of The Ancestors Tale by Richard Dawkins, to show another take on distant human history, but I never got round to it. I’ve not sent in any more reviews to Books You Should Read for about a year, mainly because I’m concentrating on my own projects.

Friday Night Party Line

I’ve been a co-host on the Friday Night Party Line podcast three times now. Follow that link and see episodes 37, 38 and 39.

The iTunes description for this show is “Smart guests. Eclectic topics. Really, anything is fair game.” The idea is that Thaed, the moderator, invites a different panel of interesting people to talk about various topics. The range of guests is very impressive, including lawyers, economists, technology experts, IT professionals, theoretical physicists, professional bloggers, artists and much more. The topics usually revolve around something technological, something societal, something philosophical or something silly. One minute the topic will be “What kind of pen do you use?” and it’ll be followed by a massive discussion on artificial intelligence (with an AI and machine learning PHD student leading the way).

It’s one of my favourite podcasts (though early episodes were a bit slow), and I have a lot of fun every time I take part in a recording session.

My own podcasts 2: The Science Fiction Book Review Podcast

As well as a podcast about juggling, I do a show where I review every science fiction book I read, whenever I finish reading it. Here’s a review from SFX Magazine, March 2009 edition, page 130, ‘KNEEL BEFORE POD: Free podcasts rated’:

“Science Fiction Book Review Podcast – www.sfbrp.com

Four stars out of five.

The set-up is as no-frills as the title – Berlin-based SF fan Luke Burrage reads a sci-fi book, and then talks about it – but while some literary podcasts can be dreary, Burrage is an enthusiastic motormouth with an infectious love of the genre. His tastes are varied, and even if you don’t agree with all of his opinions, they’re still fun to listen to.”

A nice review that seems to hit on all the things I aim for with this podcast. The podcast itself has been an amazing success. The listener numbers aren’t huge, but the feedback I get is really good, and I’m constantly getting really great book suggestions from the listeners.

You can find the SFBRP website here, and a lot more information on the SFBP Wiki.

I’ll be posting here each time I upload a new podcast, but I’ll link to the website, not directly to the mp3 file itself.

My own podcasts 1: The Juggling Podcast

I record two podcasts about two of my favourite hobbies: juggling and science fiction novels. Both of them have the most boring names possible. This is intentional. I like it when you can say a name people instantly know what they are getting.

The Juggling Podcast is one I usually record with Pola, and we talk about our travels and shows we do and shows we see. We do interviews with lots of famous and some not so famous jugglers. We do workshops about performing and various other topics. The thing is, we haven’t recorded a new episode for two months, and there was a two month gap before the last one too. This is down to a number of factors:

1. We’ve been away from home for ages.
2. We’ve not been to a juggling convention since the EJC.
3. I’ve been in a lot of pain from a trapped sciatic nerve and haven’t been juggling much.
4. We’ve both been working hard on other projects.

Of course, we don’t intend to “podfade” entirely. Once we get inspired by new topics and find new people to talk to we’ll start producing podcasts more regularly again. You can subscribe using this feed.

Promo shots

Matthew McGurk

Matthew McGurk

On my last cruise I met Matthew, a magician from the UK. His promo image was good, but he looked rough. Intentionally rough, with stubble and scruffy hair. Good for some gigs, but to cruise clientele it might seem a bit too rough. I offered to come along to his technical run and snap some photos, to see if I could better capture his current image. I had no control over the lighting, and no time to make him pose past saying “Look at me… now!” CLICK. But I think I got a few good photos. The best is the one above, even though it could be sharper and a bit less blue. The full selection of passable attempts is here.