Aachen 2015 Fight Night Combat

Congratulations to Leo Platz for winning the Aachen 2015 Fight Night at the Configuvention Circus Convention on Saturday. He went undefeated in qualification and then beat Jakob Ganser, Leo Ostenrath and Stephan Cipra to take first place overall.

Leo earned himself 125 rankings points for his win (due to only eight players taking part in total, the tournament was reduced from a 250 level event), and this lifts him to 32 in the current rankings and 16 in the 2015 race. Stephan Cipra earned 75 points for his second place finish. Jan Poolen took third place and Leo Ostenrath fourth.

See the Aachen 2015 page at fightnightcombat.com for all the results and details.

Thanks to Leo Ostenrath for organizing the tournament, and also all the players who took part.

Israel 2015 Fight Night

Congratulations to Emil Dahl for winning the inaugural Israeli Juggling Convention Fight Night. In his first ever FNC tournament he earned himself 500 rankings points, and enters the 2015 rankings race in joint fifth place.

Wes Peden was awarded a wild card entry into the tournament after defeating Omer Lewy and then, in a series of one-point matchups, beating every single other player who had qualified for the tournament in turn. After winning his way into the round of 8, Wes was promptly defeated by Yotam, who went on to take second place overall, beating Bar Mualem in the semi-final along the way.

Iver Tronstad’s winning streak of seven matches and two titles (Skjève 2014, BJC 2015) ended in his semi-final defeat at the hands of Emil Dahl, though he went on to play and defeat Bar Maulem for third place.

More information and results will be added to the Israel 2015 page soon, once it is fully submitted, and hopefully we’ll get some video too.

BJC 2015 Darton Fight Night

Iver Tronstad and Jon Peat took part in an epic and entertaining final match at the BJC 2015 Darton Fight Night. Watch this video before reading more:

Iver earned himself 500 rankings points in his first tournament of the year. Jon Peat’s second place finish, along with his results from Chocfest and Bath Upchuck, moves him to the top spot in the 2015 race rankings with 540 points, just ahead of Iver, Luke Burrage and Dave Leahy, all currently at 500 points each. His result bumps him up one place to sixth in the current rankings.

Jon has now also matched Alexander Müller’sAlways the Bridesmaid” record for losing in the most FNC final matches without ever winning a tournament. Both Jon and Alex have four second place finishes without an overall victory. Simon À Campo has three and Rufus Oelkers has two.

Here’s a video of all the action from the opening rounds:

24 jugglers took part in qualifications, with 12 players from five different countries in the knockout. Brook Roberts took third place, moving him up to fourth place in the current rankings. Iver put an end to Johnny Malcolm’s winning streak of 8 matches over three tournaments, and Johnny settled for fourth place.

Thanks to Martin King-Sheard for commentary, Max for organizing the tournament, Ashley Harris for the photos, and everyone who sent in video. See all the results and details on the FNC website.

Freshly Squeezed

After working on squeeze catches in my juggling sessions, I thought I’d make another video. While I’ve shared some squeeze catches with clubs, the only video of me showing lots of tricks with balls is on the Siteswap DVD. That’s over 10 years old now! Time to share some old and new patterns: