Nederlands Jongleer Festival 2014 Fight Night

Congratulations to Iver for coming in first in his second 500 point Fight Night in a row, this time at the NJF 2014!

Top four results:
1st: Iver Tronstad
2nd: Brook Roberts
3rd: Nathan Biggs-Penton
4th: Jordy Sanchez

All other results can be found at the Nederlands Jongleer Festival 2014 Fight Night page. Thanks to Brook Roberts for organizing this event and submitting all the details.

One minute of footage of the Fight Night can be seen in this convention montage, starting at 5 minutes 38 seconds:

Iver has now won 6 matches in a row in the knockout rounds, but even more impressively, he’s also gone 27 matches in qualification without losing too, for a total of 33 matches in a row unbeaten! He moves up to third place in the current Fight Night (beta) rankings, and jumps ahead of Luke and Brook to go first in the 2014 points race.

A minor rankings points rule change, for ease of counting and ranking, is that everyone who enters a tournament is awarded a minimum of a single point. This means they get a point even without a single win in the round robin qualifications, or without progressing past the group combat qualification rounds. This means that there are now 109 players listed in the current Fight Night (beta) rankings instead of 103, and the number will only increase as more people take part in tournaments in the near future.

The next Fight Night tournament, this coming weekend, is the Rostock 2014 Fight Night, a 250 point event. The weekend following is the Berlin 2014 Fight Night, which this year will be a 500 or 750 point event.

The Art of Juggling – solo street show version premiere

I’m going to be performing at some street show festivals this year, so got out the old Art of Juggling gear and put together a solo version. It was a lot of fun! The old version had two people, me and Pola, with one person doing the juggling and the other person doing the painting. Now I had to learn both parts and fit them together in a way that makes sense, has a logical progression, and tells a story.

Here is a video of my first ever performance of the new act, performed in my own home at the Open Stage in the Living Room in May 2014.

The Art of Juggling – solo street show version premiere from luke burrage on Vimeo.

The full street show will start with a 10 minute diabolo section, move on to the act as performed above, up until the knives come out. Then the music will stop and I’ll perform my standard rola bola knife juggling routine, which is another 10 minutes of comedy and audience participation, rather than just the trick as presented.

A higher quality video is available via YouTube, but it is blocked in many countries due to music rights issues.

And here is the original street show version featured me and Pola.

Free album to download: Live and Suggestible

Album art from Live and Suggestible

You want a free album? Okay!

You can download it using this link, so right click and save:

Luke Burrage – Live and Suggestible.mp3

Live and Suggestible documents a song writing challenge proposed by Caroline Clifford and Paul Salamone at the We Are Not Gemüsed comedy show in Berlin; I ask for a topic suggestion from the audience, write the song, and then perform it for the first time the next time I’m back at Gemüsed. I accepted the challenge. I took 10 suggestions, wrote 10 songs, and performed those songs over 10 different shows.

The topic suggestions were, in order (along with the start location on the album):

  • Pubic Hair Removal – 1:45
  • Tomatoes – 6:45
  • Hipsters – 11:22
  • Quantum Physics / The Walk of Shame – 16:43
  • Misogyny in Comedy – 22:11
  • Penny Markt / Red Traffic Light – 27:15
  • Concrete – 33:48
  • Chernobyl – 37:59
  • Flies – 43:10
  • Schmoozing / Alzheimer’s Disease – 46:11

It’s a single mp3 file with a single track, coming in at about 75mb and 52 minutes. It’ll play on any computer or phone or device or even right here in your browser. Warning for young ears: many songs on this free album contain adult language and themes.

Album art from Bitterly Autobiographical

If you enjoy the free album, please help support my ongoing music and comedy output by purchasing my not-free album, Bitterly Autobiographical:

You can buy the album here on the iTunes store or buy it here on the Amazon MP3 store. If you really want a physical CD, buy it from me in person or email me. I can even sign it.

Or if you just enjoyed the free album and want to say thanks with a donation, that’s fine too: