Juggling on Ice 2015 Fight Night

With 26 jugglers entering qualification, Juggling On Ice 2015 upgraded to a 250 point tournament from last year’s 125 points level. Tony Pezzo and Luke Burrage were seeded first and second, and met in the final. Tony beat Luke in qualification, but could he repeat it when playing to seven points and with the pressure of being in his first FNC final? Luke had gone unbeaten in his previous eight matches, but could he continue his streak to nine matches and three 250 level tournament titles?

Watch the video, and then check out all the results and details on the FNC website Juggling On Ice 2015

Jugglers’ Calendar 2015

Jugglers' Calendar 2015: Cover

Here’s a Christmas/Holiday gift for all the jugglers out there! Photography is one of my favourite hobbies, and jugglers on stage are some of my favourite subjects. So like I did for 2011, 2012 and 2014, I made a calendar for 2015 using some of my favourite photos from juggling conventions and shows in 2014.

Download the high resolution versions for printing here: Jugglers’ Calendar 2015 by Luke Burrage (59.6 mb zip file). The resolution should be 300 dpi when printed at A4 size.

I have no permissions from any of these jugglers, so while I’m sure they wouldn’t mind you printing out a calendar, don’t try to make money with these images or anything like that. I released all these photos on my blog under a creative commons 3.0 license, which means no commercial use without my permission. And to get my permission, email me here: luke@juggler.net

Jugglers' Calendar 2015: January

Jugglers' Calendar 2015: February

Jugglers' Calendar 2015: March

Jugglers' Calendar 2015: April

Jugglers' Calendar 2015: May

Jugglers' Calendar 2015: June

Jugglers' Calendar 2015: July

Jugglers' Calendar 2015: August

Jugglers' Calendar 2015: September

Jugglers' Calendar 2015: October

Jugglers' Calendar 2015: November

Jugglers' Calendar 2015: December

  • Cover: Viktor Kee
  • January: Hoop Hooligans
  • February: Bekka Rose
  • March: Emil Dahl
  • April: Tom Derrick
  • May: Casey Wood
  • June: Die Flugträumer
  • July: Wes Peden
  • August: Françoise Rochais
  • September: Roxana Isabell
  • October: Mathias Ramfelt
  • November: Fabian Krestel
  • December: Christine Oymann

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