New Bounce Juggling Act: That’s Not Juggling, That’s Dropping With Style

A bounce juggling routine I made that can work on floor surfaces that are terrible for bouncing. That means:
– Only three balls.
– Mostly force bounces, or very high lift bounces.
– The same soundtrack at different speeds depending on the firmness of the floor.
– A spare bounce ball kept in the back of my trouser waistband in case of drops.

This video is edited from two performances (the opening and closing of one show, and the juggling of a second show) on the Koningsdam cruise ship in September 2017.

Music: Bounce 136 by Luke Burrage

Luke is Vlogging: Making Head and Mouth Pedestals


Juggle Dream Cyclone ‘Classic’ Triple Bearing Diabolo

Ikea “CHOSIGT” Funnel 2 pack

Handle from a broken Babache juggling knife, but any plastic club handle wrap should work.

Worm Drive Air Tube Clamp Fasteners
Extra 6mm nut
Small coins and other pieces for weight in head pedestal base
White Electrical Tape
Silver Duck Tape
Blu-Tac (which will be replaced with glue on final version of the mouth pedestal)

Important step missing from the video: fill in the groove of the diabolo hub with tape before inserting it into the handle. This stops the handle from deforming when tightening the clamp around it.