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Jugglers’ Calendar 2015

Jugglers' Calendar 2015: Cover

Here’s a Christmas/Holiday gift for all the jugglers out there! Photography is one of my favourite hobbies, and jugglers on stage are some of my favourite subjects. So like I did for 2011, 2012 and 2014, I made a calendar for 2015 using some of my favourite photos from juggling conventions and shows in 2014.

Download the high resolution versions for printing here: Jugglers’ Calendar 2015 by Luke Burrage (59.6 mb zip file). The resolution should be 300 dpi when printed at A4 size.

I have no permissions from any of these jugglers, so while I’m sure they wouldn’t mind you printing out a calendar, don’t try to make money with these images or anything like that. I released all these photos on my blog under a creative commons 3.0 license, which means no commercial use without my permission. And to get my permission, email me here:

Jugglers' Calendar 2015: January

Jugglers' Calendar 2015: February

Jugglers' Calendar 2015: March

Jugglers' Calendar 2015: April

Jugglers' Calendar 2015: May

Jugglers' Calendar 2015: June

Jugglers' Calendar 2015: July

Jugglers' Calendar 2015: August

Jugglers' Calendar 2015: September

Jugglers' Calendar 2015: October

Jugglers' Calendar 2015: November

Jugglers' Calendar 2015: December

  • Cover: Viktor Kee
  • January: Hoop Hooligans
  • February: Bekka Rose
  • March: Emil Dahl
  • April: Tom Derrick
  • May: Casey Wood
  • June: Die Flugträumer
  • July: Wes Peden
  • August: Françoise Rochais
  • September: Roxana Isabell
  • October: Mathias Ramfelt
  • November: Fabian Krestel
  • December: Christine Oymann

I love to read comments and feedback about my blog posts. Please email me, I reply to every message:

Top 40 Jugglers of 2013 – and even more epic journey

It’s that time of year again! You know, quarter of the way through 2014, so it’s time to share the final results of last year’s Top 40 Jugglers poll (as voted by you!).

For the 2013 chart I set myself a very difficult challenge: to release one video per juggler, with me copying a trick, sequence, or section of a live show, taken from a juggling video that was released in 2013.

As I finished them, I released each video on YouTube (and post them to Facebook) and let fellow jugglers guess who I was imitating.

Could I make it through?

Yes. Click here to see each video in turn as a YouTube playlist.

I had a lot of fun making the videos, but it was a lot of work. Besides the juggling, I had to copy some mannerisms of the juggler, and often getting those right was sometimes harder than the juggling tricks themselves. Not that the juggling wasn’t fucking hard at points too.

As I went I made a side-by-side comparison edit with my impersonation/tribute/copy shown beside the original juggling video clip. After releasing all the individual clips I recorded a commentary track and released the full video. Here it is:

Which is your favourite clip?

Hardest tricks for me physically:
* 8 club passing 8-up 2-stage 720 due to having limited time to get the trick, meaning Brook and I didn’t rest much between attempts.
* 11 ball flash. I found so draining on my arms that I couldn’t manage other jugglers’ tricks.
* Nathan Bigg-Peterson’s 5 club multiplex backcrosses. I still have a lump in my lip from hitting myself in the face with a club. Also I broke not one but two bulbs for my studio lights, and they’re not cheap to replace.
* Alex Barron’s 6 ball siteswap 999333 with the second 3 behind the head. I’m just not used to throwing balls high like that after years of juggling in my 4.2 meter ceiling studio.
* 8 club multiplex. It took three days and at that point I knew I wouldn’t be able to manage the 9 club version, as I could only practice the 8 club version at home. My hands got used to the grip by the end, but it was still very draining.


  • 3281 votes cast
  • Wes Peden won with 179 votes. Haavard Hvidsten and Tony Pezzo both got 148 votes, but due to the sorting formula, ties are broken by the juggler going up the chart the most, so Haavard got second place.
  • 17 votes needed to make it onto the chart.
  • Wes has now spent more years at number 1 than all the other number 1 jugglers combined (6 years for Wes, 5 years for all other number 1 jugglers).
  • Jason Garfield became the first former number 1 juggler to drop out of the chart.