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Yearly Archives: 2011

LCP s01e10 – Season 1 wrapup – three months of creative output

The final podcast of season 1. I talk about some of the creative things I’ve been doing over the last three months, the highs and the lows, what I’ve learned along the way, and what I plan to do differently in the coming months. Random notes: Attempts at live standup comedy. Live music. Hiding […]

LCP s01e09 – Ibarionex Perello – photography and podcasting

In this episode I chat with Ibarionex Perello, a photographer, writer, teacher and podcaster. He hosts one of my favorite podcasts ever, The Candid Frame, and was a big inspiration for this very podcast project. Notes: A professional photographer who writes and teaches, or a professional writer and teacher of photographer? Worked out how […]

LCP s01e08 – John Nations – comedy and juggling

In this episode I talk to a fellow juggler and entertainer John Nations. We touch on street shows, but concentrate mostly on our ideas about comedy and juggling, and our comedic influences, and we rant quite a bit about the things we hate about other professional comedians. Random notes: Escaping the juggling wasteland of […]

LCP s01e07 – Experimental song writing podcast

In this episode I have no guest, just my guitar and a midi keyboard. I write a song from scratch, called “By The End (song for Abdi Bile)” and I take you along for the ride. Warning! This is an experimental podcast, which may or may not be entertaining or exciting. But it’s something […]

LCP s01e06 – Gregg Margarite – two generalists in conversation

Gregg Margarite is creative in many different fields, and so am I. We didn’t get into the specifics of any creative field, but had a great discussion about being someone trying to make their way in a world that likes to put people in boxes. Links: – glass art by Henner Schroder, with […]

LCP s01e05 – Bram Dobbelaere – on developing shows

This is the first recording I made for this podcast project. I had a good time chatting with Bram, just like always, and of course I talked a lot more than I first planned during the discussion. The reason I didn’t put this episode out first is that the sound quality isn’t great. We […]

LCP s01e04 – Brandon Palas – comic book artist

In this episode I chat with Brandon Palas, a professional comic book artist. I asked him to draw a self-portrait sketch to include in this blog post (see above). I’ve not got much to add here, except that Brandon’s dreamed-of web comic project is starting slowly. He said in the podcast “I don’t have […]

LCP s01 e03 – Nat Osborn – a musician in New York

In this episode I have a long conversation with Nat Osborn, a musician living and working in New York. I hung out with him a few times last year, as explained in the podcast, and wanted to get his thoughts and views and ideas on record. Here’s a music video of his from last […]

LCP s01e02 – David Friedman – photographer, blogger, inventor.

In this episode I have a long conversation with David Friedman. David is a photographer, blogger, and inventor, with a lot of crossover between these different creative strands. I was aiming for an hour-long podcast, but on my last question, David took off on an enthusiastic tangent about an almost completely disconnected project, which […]

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You can use this link to subscribe in iTunes: Does anyone use any other podcast subscription services? Like Google Listen? I’ll see about adding the podcast to those in the future, but for now you can use this link to subscribe: And a new episode will arrive later today!

LCP s01e01 – Introduction to Luke and the podcast project

It begins! This is episode 1 of the podcast, in which I introduce myself, talk about talking about creativity, and explain the concept behind the concept. Enjoy!

New blog, new podcast, new project!

Hello! I’m Luke, and this is the home for a little project I’m working on at the moment. It’s a podcast where I have conversations with interesting people about living a creative life. So far I have about 10 episodes ready to go. I’ll be releasing them over the next 10 weeks. After that? Then […]