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Luke's Juggling Shows

Luke specializes in performing 50 minute juggling, comedy and multimedia theater shows. By combining numerous different segments the full show can run for any duration between 7 minutes and 1 hour.

These unique and original routines have been developed by over hundreds of shows in the past 7 years. He has 1.5 hours of prime material, so even if you need a 50 minute show plus another 25 minutes, you're only getting A-grade material with no padding.

Luke's most popular show tells his story as a juggler, from his first attempts with diabolo and 3 balls, through ring and club juggling, numbers juggling, and "juggling with objects not designed for juggling".

Extracts from Luke's shows

Video 1 - Three ball and video:

"Every throw has a name, every catch has a name, every trick has a name." This is a real audience favourite, combining 3 ball juggling with video projection, spoken word, and specially composed music. Also possible without video.

Video 2 - Tempo Juggling:

A high-skill, fast-paced routine with rings, balls and clubs, featuring hard tricks inspired by the great jugglers of the circus.

Video 3 - Ring Juggling:

My current ring juggling routine, with lots of colour changes, pancake throws, classic tricks, and some new twists.


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