The Groundhog Day Musical/Concept Album was a songwriting challenge I set for myself in 2012, as I wanted to write all the music and lyrics for a musical. I picked one of my favourite comedies as the basis of the songs, and had them finished by early 2013.

After a single live performance of the entire album, I'm no longer working on the project due to the announcement of an official Groundhog Day musical by Tim Minchin and Andy Rubin (which, coincidentally, they began working on just after I first uploaded and announced my own version).

For the live performance I made a slide show using images from the movie, so I decided to make them into a movie with the demo recording and lyrics added.

Below is all the tracks from demo recording (meaning it was recorded using only a Zoom recorder above my electric piano in my juggling studio, one take for each song, no effects or multitracking). All the lyrics can be found on my blog.